About the WaterShapes Professional Network

The mission of the WaterShapes Professional Network is to build bridges between site users and participating professionals who design and build with water as a primary medium.

Site users include homeowners, property managers, architects, general contractors and others who want the environments they own, operate or manage to feature water in a contained, controlled form. Participating professionals include those who see the value of belonging to the network to communicate with site users about projects involving swimming pools, spas, fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls and other waterfeatures – everything from birdbaths to lakes – as well as their surrounding environments.

As such, the WaterShapes Professional Network serves all participants – professionals and prospective clients – as an initial contact point in communicating about projects and how they come together. For both sides, the WaterShapes Professional Network is a constantly growing, constantly evolving resource.

By way of definition, “watershaping” is the term we use to describe what professionals serving water-oriented consumers ultimately do in designing, engineering and building. This is a field of endeavor that focuses on any and all forms of contained, controlled water, but it also encompasses surrounding environments, including shade structures, decks and lighting systems as well as landscapes, retaining walls, decorative elements, fire features and more.

About WaterShapes.com

The developers of the WaterShapes Professional Network have been associated with watershaping since 1999, when the first issue of WaterShapes magazine was sent to the professional market. Throughout its span as a print publication (from 1999 until 2011) and since then as the all-digital operation known as WaterShapes.com, we have ceaselessly encouraged professionals to recognize that their clients’ interests are best served when the total aquatic environment is considered.

The access point to WaterShapes.com is a twice-monthly digital newsletter to which anyone can subscribe, prospective clients included! Carrying on proudly in the magazine’s tradition, this newsletter – also called WaterShapes – still focuses on professionals, but all content is open to search, giving all site users the ability to look over watershapers’ shoulders to understand what’s involved in achieving excellent results.

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