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8924 Highland Court, Woodbury 55125

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Aesthetic appeal + Sustainable Practices + Intelligent Engineering = Real Value

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1) A decorative WATER FEATURE that can be one of many different spray effects; from a spray ring, to multiple column sprays to a boulder stack 2) An entry or display SIGN base 3) A decorative FIRE PIT 4) A decorative PLANTER 5) A decorative TREE base, including for your Christmas Tree display 6) A FLAG POLE Base 7) MORE Archlithic is a company that specializes in architectural precast concrete features; designing with the Aristotelian Philosophy of ethos, pathos and logos in mind, when developing products that appeal to us on many levels. The pathos, or appeal to the emotional response, we strive to provide is an aesthetically appealing feature that makes a connection or statement to people, in the space it's located. The ethos, or appeal to ethics, we design making every effort to be as thoughtful in our usage of materials and their impacts as possible. The logos, or appeal to logic, we look to engineer the most versatile and adaptable type products that are efficient and deliver the most value possible. A great example of our philosophy at work is our patented 8' round precast monolithic concrete structure offers the most versatile site feature on the market. The versatility of the exterior 'look' includes the color and material of the veneer; whether it's the standard stained-type cast-in-veneer, a natural stone veneer or none at all as well as a seat-height wall coping. The extremely adaptable function of the structure it provides can be any one of the following
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