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Lawnchair Watershapes

Lawnchair Watershapes
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876 Miller St, Lakew 876 Miller St, Lakewood 80215

T 303-918-8841

It should look like it was always there.

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The business has been steadily moving from design and build to design and teaching others how to implement the design. For the past three years I have worked with a number of companies to help them generate a huge breadth of offerings in adding the water element. To be able to accomadate the simple to elaborate, and be able to work with any budget, to teaching how to properly enter a client home mentally, to the patterns and emotional ups and downs of installations....it seems that the real value of my career is how to enjoy what we do. With thousands of pictures, and a huge number of stories, and a ridiculous number of mistakes being made, the rich background of experience can help others move forward or re energize their business in adding the water element to design. I am being brought in by pond suppliers to talk to their staffs and clients, by individual companies, and by

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