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6119 Lockhurst Dr, Los Angeles, California 91367

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Improving quality of life, one backyard at a time

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Since 1982, Aquatic Environs has been a leading local resource for backyard designs featuring water as a key element. We work closely with homeowners in developing designs that meet your specific needs and desires, preparing construction documents with a level of care that makes it possible for watershape and landscape contractors to meet your expectations and bring your vision to reality. Our award-winning projects have been featured in magazines, in online design resources and in the coffee-table book, "Wow-Factor Backyards." We have also been the subject of features on HGTV and Discovery Channel. Our staff is ready to meet with you at your convenience to get the process started. Call us when you're ready to make the move to an outdoor environment that will let your backyard make you smile.


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