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PMB 508 909 Marina Village Parkway, PMB 508, Alameda, California 94501

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Water in the Landscape Water Feature & Pond Systems

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Potomac Waterworks has been involved in the creation and management of water feature and pond systems over the past 40+ years. Drawing on a career blending practice and training in landscape architecture, aquatic biology and construction, Paul Cowley, ASLA brings a unique blend of professional and creative tools to each project. A key feature of our regional and international work has been our focus on living water systems - specifically creating and maintaining water qualities suitable for aquatic plantings, wildlife habitats and ornamental fish collections. Projects range from minimalist rills and waterwalls, designing "mud" for aquatic plantings to design/fabrication/management of lake and ornamental fountain sculpture installations for public spaces and private gardens. We provide a valuable technical bridge for artists and designers involved in one-of-a-kind water feature and sculpture installations. We are usually brought in during concept or design development phases to resolve water source options, fluid dynamics, equipment space/energy and operational impacts of the planned work. On-going work with rainwater catchment, ornamental pools and art collections has included extensive training in water quality management and documentation for operators living with these as-built systems. Contractor License C27-511835 Professional Member ASLA, APLD, AES, IWGS. ARCSA Certified AP.

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