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Pevnick Design, Inc

Pevnick Design, Inc
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527 N 27th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

T 414-540-0051
M 414-412-8818

The original Graphical Waterfall® for permanent installation and rental

Designers & Builders
General info
Graphical Waterfalls® are available in modular units of 4 ft in width which can be seamlessly assembled into linear, curved, perimeter or matrix arrays for permanent or temporary installations indoors or out. Installation height can vary from 12 ft and up. Dedicated lighting illuminates falling water droplets indoors or outdoors at night. Pevnick technicians direct assembly onsite. Graphics can be preassembled or designed on site. Texting and interactive displays are possible. We provide drawings and design advice for our equipment showing how it can be integrated into your design.
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